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Interested in an extended or enterprise license? Please send an email to

Interested in an extended or enterprise license? Please send an email to

Proxima Soft

Proxima Soft (2017) is a rounded version of Proxima Nova. With the same forty-eight styles (eight weights in three widths, plus italics), Proxima Soft fits the bill when you want something a bit warmer and more playful than its older sibling. It features the same extensive language support, including Greek and Cyrillic. It also has several alternate characters, such as a one-storey lowercase a, allowing you to customize its appearance in a variety of ways.

(Note: Proxima Soft is similar but not identical to Proxima Nova Soft, which I released in 2011 and only had a six styles (Regular, Medium, and Semibold, plus Italic for each). There were enough differences (including reflow issues with documents created with Proxima Nova Soft) that I felt it necessary to release the new version as a new family, rather than as an update or expansion of the older version. I no longer offer Proxima Nova Soft at any of my distributors.)

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  • 8 weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Extrabold, and Black.
  • 3 widths: Normal, Condensed, and Extra Condensed.
  • Matching italics for all weights and widths.
  • Proportional and tabular figures.*
  • Full “f” ligature set (ff, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, etc.).*
  • Alternate characters (a, l, y, G).*
  • Automatic arbitrary fractions.*
  • Automatic ordinals.*
  • Dingbats (16).
  • Extended language support for most Latin-based Western and Central European languages and Vietnamese, as well as Greek and Cyrillic.
  • Extended currency support.

* Requires an application or operating system with support for OpenType advanced typography, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher, or QuarkXPress. Check your application’s user guide. OpenType advanced typography is also supported by most modern web browsers through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


Proxima Soft Overview. An overview showing of all the fonts in this family. 10 pages. 443 KB PDF.

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