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Bookmania (2011) combines the sturdy elegance of the original Bookman Oldstyle (1901) with the swashy exuberance of the Bookmans of the 1960s. With over 680 swash characters, more than any previous Bookman, the possibilities are endless. The broad range of weights make it great for display use, but it also works well for text. Unlike some Bookman revivals, it retains the original classic sloped roman for the italic. Bookmania includes all the features you would expect in a modern digital font family.

Bookmania Specimen. Complete information with text and display specimens. 24 pages. 1 MB PDF.

Weights & Styles

  • Bookmania Feature1
  • Bookmania Feature2
  • Bookmania Feature3
  • Bookmania Feature4


• Five weights: Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, and Black.

• Matching italics for all weights.

• Matching small caps for all weights.*

• Lining and old style figures (both proportional and tabular).*

• Full “f” ligature set (including many swash variants).*

• 35 optional (discretionary) ligatures.*

• Over 680 swash characters.*

• Alternate characters, such as a Jenson-style lowercase e and unicase caps.*

• Automatic fractions.*

• Automatic ordinals.*

• Extended language support for most Latin-based Western and Central European languages, including all the swash and alternate characters.

* Requires an application with support for OpenType advanced typography, such as Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress. Check your application’s user guide. Important: Many of the swash characters are only accessible in apps that have a “glyph palette” or “character palette”. Check your application’s user guide.

See the Bookmania Specimen PDF for complete information.

Additional Information