Type Designers Who Write

Nick Shinn, a talented type designer based in Toronto, regularly posts essays about type and design on his site which have appeared in various design magazines. My favorite is “The Golden Age of Lettering” (big surprise).

Peter Bilak, creator of the extensive Fedra family and based in The Hague, has a large collection of critical essays and articles on his foundry’s website, many written by him. He also co-founded dot-dot-dot magazine. When does this guy have time to design type?

Los Angeles-based illustrator, lettering artist and type designer Leslie Cabarga is also a prolific writer. His first book, which he started writing as a teenager, is still the definitive history of the Fleischer Brothers animation studio. In his latest book, Logo, Font, and Lettering Bible, he seems to reveal all the tricks in his bag. Highly recommended.