TypeCon 2008 Goodie Bag Postcards

TypeCon 2008 3D Postcard Set from Mark Simonson Studio

I’ve finally had a chance to settle down after this year’s TypeCon, which was one of the best I’ve attended. As promised, here is the set of 3D postcards I contributed to the goodie bag for those who were not able to attend:

Lakeside card

Coquette card

Felt Tip Roman card

Proxima Nova card

Kinescope Snicker card

Mostra card

Of course, you will need a pair of anaglyphic glasses with red and blue filters to experience the illusion of depth.

In fact, these RGB images work even better than the printed postcards for the 3D effect, probably because the colors are made with pure light. On the other hand, they are not as easy to mail.