Some Old Friends of Mine

David Steinlicht is a graphic designer and illustrator here in St. Paul. He also does some very funny cartoons on his website, Not to be missed is his series called On My High Horse, which is a bit like a blog in cartoon form (though I’m sure David would never call it that).

Dan Picasso (yes, that’s his real name) is an illustrator who divides his time between Marathon, Texas and Minneapolis. He’s something of an old car buff (he owns a ’56 Olds 88 that looks like it just drove off a showroom floor) and does his illustrations the old-fashioned way, with an air-brush, paint and paper.

Alfredo Zelcer was my boss when I worked as a designer on TWA Ambassador magazine many years ago. His website is a recent development and shows just a tiny glimpse of his talent. Update: Alfredo died in May 2011. His site has disappeared so I’ve removed the link, but his profile is still up at Facebook.