Pangrammer Helper

Flash application featuring Raster Gothic Condensed.

How it works: A “pangram” is a sentence or phrase that uses every letter of the alphabet at least once. Type your pangram in the box. Pangrammer Helper will tell you which and how many letters you haven’t used and how long your pangram is. It will also tell you how many of each letter has been used. It’s a real challenge to get them down to or near 26 letters without resorting to nonsense.

First released in 2003; 2.0 version released in 2008.

Note: Flash 8 or later plug-in required to run from the Web.

You can use Pangrammer Helper here in your Web browser, or download a standalone version (which doesn’t require the Flash Player plug-in) for your Mac or PC:

Mac Version (4.5mb)

Windows Version (1.8mb)

July 2020 Update: Now that we live in a virtually Flash-free world, someone has fortunately taken the trouble to build a web-based version called Pangrammer. Even better, it works on any modern web browser, whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Created by Tory Anderson of Brigham Young University.