Pangrammatic Haikus

Reader Dan Madden is a fan of my Pangrammer Helper, a little Flash application I made that helps in the creation of pangrams. (A pangram is a sentence or phrase which contains every letter of the alphabet.) He and his family had so much fun with it that it prompted his brother, an english professor at BYU in Utah, to hold a “Pangram Haiku Contest” with his students. Here are some of the results:

Lost in flight, quiet.
Yellow jacket reproves me.
Vexed, I buzz away.

Mosquito buzzes
around jackal’s furry paw.
So vexing, that bug!

Read ye my haiku!
Strong, living words dazzle. Jump
back, quietly fixed.

Haiku verses flow
like a bad, exacting quiz.
Too jumpy, yet fun.

The ax swerves, tree dies:
Quite a lop job, so crazy.
Man kills for nothing.

Wise raven in tree
Spies sly fox dozing. Gives him
Loud quack. Bejeezus!

Your quick wit doesn’t
Faze me. I can’t help your jive!
Go back to de-tox!