Here are a few of the people and places on the web that inspire me, in no particular order:

Not only does Coudal Partners site look great, it’s a goldmine of inspiration due mainly to their vast collection of interesting links (Fresh Signals), and their Museum of Online Museums.

Brian Taylor’s Rustboy site chronicles the process of making a computer-generated movie on one’s own. What amazes me more than Taylor’s obvious talent is his resourcefulness. He reminds me that it’s not the tools as much as how you use them. [The Rustboy film was never finished and the site is sadly long gone, but you can see some test footage for the film here.]

Even though I’m not particularly into comics, I will read just about anything by Scott McCloud. His book, Understanding Comics, helps you understand a lot more than comics. I also enjoy following his Morning Improv in which he creates comic strips based on titles submitted by readers.