Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, etc.

As a long time fan of the books, radio show, tv series, computer game, etc., I am looking forward to April 29 when The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy finally makes it to the medium of motion pictures. It looks to be very different visually from the tv series (not necessarily a bad thing) but true to the spirit of the stories in all their incarnations.

I’m still sad about author Douglas Adams’ death in 2001, but, according to everything I’ve read, the movie is based entirely on his the screenplay he was working on when he died. Whatever is different from the earlier works will be either thanks to or the fault of Adams. (Not that there was ever a definitive version of any of the the Hitchhiker stories.)

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In other quirky British franchise news, Aardman Studios is working on a Wallace and Gromit movie to be released next Fall. (Yippee!)