An Oscar in the Family

Cousin Eric accepting an Oscar.

Well, none of my fonts showed up on the Academy Awards show this year (unlike last year), but my cousin Eric Simonson did. He and his co-producer Corinne Marrinan snagged an Oscar (Best Documentary Short) for their film “A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin.” Eric was nominated once before for another documentary short, “On Tiptoe: Gentle Steps to Freedom” (2000), and our whole family was excited to hear that he had been nominated again. Only this time he got the statue. Way to go, Eric! (And Corinne! though I don’t know you.)

I confess that I probably wouldn’t know Norman Corwin from Irwin Corey if I hadn’t worked on a package design for a collection of his radio broadcasts back in the nineties. I also confess I don’t know much about Eric’s documentary. All the years I have watched the Oscars, I have always wondered, where the heck can you see these short films? I saw his earlier nominated film at a family reunion. As luck would have it, “The Golden Age of Norman Corwin” will be screened this week at the Plaza Maplewood Theater in nearby Maplewood, Minnesota. I’m planning to go.

Congratulations, Eric!