2011 Hamilton Wayzgoose

I’ve attended all three of the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum’s annual “Wayzgoose” events so far. Last year’s, held in early November, was enjoyable as always, but I think I prefer the mix of presentations and hands-on workshops of previous years over having only workshops.

Still, it was great how they tied all the workshops around a common purpose—creating a portfolio of prints (including the portfolio itself). You can see one of my prints above, a pressure print from a hand-cut plate based on a free-form ampersand design.

I highly recommend the Wayzgoose if you are a type fanatic like me, into letterpress printing, or both. It’s held in the Fall in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Attendance is limited, and it fills up quick, so you might want to get on their mailing list to be notified regarding when the next one will be held.