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Snicker (2007) is a playful 1940s-style brush-lettered sans serif, inspired by hand-lettered titles in Fleischer Brothers’ Superman cartoon series. Although I used that as a starting point, there was much room for interpretation, and many characters had to be invented. Currently, Snicker has only one weight, Bold, but I hope one day to add more weights and create a more versatile family. Snicker was designed along side of and released with another Fleischer Brothers-inspired design, Kinescope.

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  • Snicker Feature2
  • Snicker Feature3
  • Snicker Feature4


  • Ligatures.
  • Case-sensitive forms.*
  • Automatic, arbitrary fractions.*
  • Automatic ordinals.*
  • Extended language support for most Latin-based Western and Central European languages.

* Requires an application or operating system with support for OpenType advanced typography, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher, or QuarkXPress. Check your application’s user guide. OpenType advanced typography is also supported by most modern web browsers through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Specimens & User Guides

Snicker Specimen. Complete showing of the font and usage examples. 3 pages. 82 KB PDF.

Snicker User Guide. Full details on using Snicker’s features. 1 MB PDF.