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Madcap (2024) has its roots in a style of lettering that I used to draw frequently in high school in the early seventies. I was inspired by comic book and greeting card lettering from the sixties. Madcap’s lively appearance comes from its skewed geometry, which avoids anything aligning to a square axis or grid, yet does so with a rhythmic and consistent logic. It’s an all-caps design, featuring an alternate lowercase-style “E” and a full set of dingbats. Whacky, attention-grabbing, and fun!

  • Madcap Feature 1
  • Madcap Feature 2
  • Madcap Feature 3
  • Madcap Feature 4


  • Dingbats & symbols.
  • Alternate E (lowercase form)
  • Arbitrary fractions.
  • Extended language support for most Latin-based Western and Central European languages.