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Anonymous Pro

Anonymous Pro (2009) is a family of four fixed-width fonts designed with coding in mind. Anonymous Pro features an international, Unicode-based character set, with support for most Western and Central European Latin-based languages, plus Greek and Cyrillic. Anonymous Pro is based on an earlier font, Anonymous™ (2001), my TrueType version of Anonymous 9, a Macintosh bitmap font developed in the mid-’90s by Susan Lesch and David Lamkins. Anonymous Pro is distributed with the Open Font License (OFL).

There are two versions: Anonymous Pro and Anonymous Pro Minus. Anonymous Pro contains embedded bitmaps for smaller sizes, Anonymous Pro Minus does not. More info about this in the Usage Notes.

Anonymous Pro Specimen. Complete showings of all the fonts. 8 pages. 306 KB PDF.

Weights & Styles

  • Anonymouspro Feature1
  • Anonymouspro Feature2
  • Anonymouspro Feature3
  • Anonymouspro Feature4


  • Four styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.
  • Fixed width design.
  • Various computer keyboard symbols.
  • DOS box-drawing characters.
  • Extended language support for most Latin-based Western and Central European languages, as well as Greek and Cyrillic.

See the Anonymous Pro Specimen for complete information.