TypeCon 2005 Report #0

I’ve just arrived this evening at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City for TypeCon2005 which starts in a few days.

Harry Potter book cover--not!My partner and I spent last evening with our daughter (who dyed her hair red and dressed as Ginny Weasely) at a bookstore in Minneapolis until after midnight to get hold of two (!) copies of the latest Harry Potter book.

We decided to combine a family vacation with TypeCon this year. They’ve both been reading their Harry Potter books all day at the airport and inflight (including a three-hour weather delay), while I’ve sat around being bored and making them feel guilty for not letting me have a turn. Actually, they did let me read a little. I’m up to about the middle of Chapter 2.

But, I didn’t fly all the way out to New York City to read Harry Potter (come to think of it, neither did they) and write about it here. So if you’re expecting to find out what happens in the book, forget it. If on the other hand you want to find out what happens when type geeks get together, watch this space.